Summer is here. Kids are in camp. For those weeks they aren’t, what do you do? Every year I try and plan ahead some fun things or places to do and visit with the kids. Camp keeps them engaged and social, but I also like to be able to spend some time with them during the off season from school.

Drive In Movie-if you live in an area that still has a Drive-In and your kids have never experienced one, I highly recommend taking them. Nothing beats a movie outdoors on a nice summer night sitting in your car or truck.

Backyard Camping-being an Eagle Scout, I have done a lot camping in many places. Last year I introduced my girls into camping, and they loved it. If your kids have never been camping and don’t wish to venture out in the forbidden forest their first time, then try backyard camping. All the benefits of camping, just not that far from your home. Make it fun and enjoyable as if you were camping somewhere else. Visit here for some backyard camping tips.

Yes Day-what is yes day? It’s exactly what it sounds like, a day where you say yes to everything your little ones ask (within reason of course). While you can create your own guidelines, visit here to learn more on saying “Yes” to everything, for one day that is.

Baseball Game-being a St. Louis Cardinals fan, it’s pretty much impossible to see them play live unless they visit the New York Mets. Luckily for me, I live in Connecticut with a very popular minor team called the Hartford Yard Goats. I have not yet been to one but have one planned to take my kids as they have not yet been to a real baseball game. Baseball and hotdogs.

Anything with Water-my kids love to be in water, whether that’s a pool, sprinkler or splash pad. Their favorite of course is a water park. I have season passes to Lake Compounce which has a water park. As long as the weather is nice, we hit up that park to cool off.

Have Fun-just have fun during the summer. Even small things like going for a hike or a park. On super-hot days, visit the library or a jump park. While visiting new places and trying new things is great. In the end, all your kids want to do is spend time with their parents and creating memories.