We all love our phones, smart phones to be exact. What we don’t love is paying high price to use them, at least not me. Over the years, I have used pretty much all the networks, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Xfinity Mobile and even Nextel. Yes, we all remember Nextel, the PPT (push to talk) service/phones that allowed us to radio our friends over cellular.

Anyways, if you aware, Verizon, AT&T and T-mobile are not the only carriers on the block. They are known as the “Big 3” which for the most part you are probably are on one of these carriers. Why? because of marketing, or you just didn’t know there were more options to consider. What you may not be familiar is that these “Big 3” sell space on their towers to MNVO’s across the United States (think of subletting). MNVO stands for Mobile Network Virtual Operator. What this means is that carriers like Mint Mobile, Google-Fi, Ting and US mobile are riding on those big name carriers but do not have any physical locations for you to visit and get service from. You can purchase their service either online or in retail stores like Bestbuy, Walmart and Target. This allows them to offer such low cost for their service. Some MNVO’s are good, some are not so good. MNVO service is based on where you live just like if you were going to look at Verizon, At&t and T-Mobile. So if At&t is not good in your area, any MNVO using their towers will not be as well.

There is an instance where an MNVO may be using more then one network when offering their service. Google Fi and US Mobile actually use two networks to their advantage so they can appeal to a more broader audience. Again, depending on where you live, you would be using one of two of their piggy backed networks as your service. As we always say, two is better than 1!

Like the “big 3”, US Mobile has a few options for both consumers and businesses if they wish to save money on mobile service. While I wont get into too much of their business options, you can visit here to learn more.

On the consumer side, US Mobile has ala carte options for those lite callers and texters, unlimited text/talk and GB plans and their own unlimited plans for those data hungry monsters who wish to not worry about data. Personally, while I use a good amount of data, I am currently on the 30GB plan which is sufficient enough for my monthly use. I also have hotspot added to my plan for $5.00 as well (not pictured). See below on their gig plans they currently offer.

US Mobile also has a few perk offers for those on the Unlimited All plan. If you have 3 lines on unlimited, then you get to choose one below. With 4 lines you get 2 perks on them. Not a bad deal for those with multiple lines on unlimited.

The Pro’s

  • Affordable rates starting at $10 for unlimited talk/text
  • Fast 5G/LTE speeds on Verizon or T-Mobile (depending on location)
  • Inexpensive shared/family plans
  • International Data starting at $15 for 5gb
  • Hotspot avail for both gig and unlimited plans
  • Easy setup and app management
  • Customer service has been spot on when needed (via chat in app)
  • Compatible with pretty much most unlocked phones
  • As of now, no tablet or cellular watch support
  • Unlimited plans have no speed or data caps using Super LTE sim (GSM LTE is 50GB)

The Con’s

  • No carrier financing of phones
  • Could see some slowness in congested areas (I have yet to experience this)
  • No wifi-calling using their Super LTE sim at the moment but currently working on it (GSM LTE sim only)

In Conclusion

I have been with US Mobile since mid April and I could not be more pleased with the experience and service. Not to mention that I am paying $35 for unlimited talk/text/30GB of data and hotspot for Verizon service. While some other MNVO’s have speed caps and data caps, US Mobile does not. Average speed tests are producing well with over 50mbps and some topping over 120mbps. While they do not offer financing on devices, they do sell a few unlocked phones which include iPhone SE, XR, 11, 12 mini and 12. The sim starter kit is $3.99 with free standard shipping, or you can pay an additional $2.00 for 2 days. They also offer a free starter kit once your on their website. If you are thinking about switching then go here and use my referral code WTBFKVJ and save $10.00.