So, if you haven’t I am a huge fan of this small company called Wyze. They are based out of Seatle. If you haven’t heard of them then stop right now. Go visit them here and take a look at what they do, otherwise this review won’t make sense.

So getting back to the company Wyze, they make all kinds of smart home products at very, very affordable prices. Their first product was the Wyze Cam v1. Then came the Wyze Cam Pan which was a better version of their first model but added panning capability. They had these two devices for the last 2 years. Then there R & D department really blew up. They released 3 new products in 2019. The Wyze Sense Kit, Wyze Bulb, and the newest of them all, Wyze Plug. Whats great is that all these products are affordable, ranging from $7.99 to $29.99. They work with Alexa and Google Assistant as well as IFTTT. If your an Apple Homekit only house, sadly they have not brought it into that integration yet. That’s ok because their app works great and I am fine with it. Not to mention I own Alexa devices because lets face it, Alexa or Google Home is much better then Homepod.

I currently own the sense kit, the cam v2, and most recently, the light bulb. I bought the Wyze Bulb 4 pack for $29.99. Plus shipping its about $38.00.

I have had these installed for about a month now and can honestly say that I love them just as much as their other products. Whats great is that the features you get with the bulbs work so well, you will be shocked they only costed you 29.99 for the 4 pack. Unlike some products…cough Samsung. You get an option such as Vacation mode (which we love) because it saves a ton of electricity to have certain lights go on and off vs having them on the whole trip. You also have a section for schedules & automation. I have one bulb for the front porch light and one for the lamp when you walk in. I have a few schedules setup. For example, my oldest gets on the bus 6:30, so those two lights go on about 6:25am and turn off at 6:35am. Perfect because, we ran into the kids always leaving lights on. I then have the porch light go on at sunset and turn off around 9:30. You can also create rules in the app. You can create a shortcut, make a schedule and device trigger. The last one works with their other devices such as the camera and sense kit. We have the sensor on our front door so when the door is openeded or closed, we get a real time push notification. You can set up a rule so if the door opens at 6:30am, it will turn on the light. Or if your Wyze camera detects motion, it can turn on the light. These features all have been updated and tweaked with their software updates they push out constantly.

Another great thing about this company is that not only is the app free, but their is no monthly service charge to have any of these features. I plan to get more bulbs for the house as well as another camera. Rumor has it, they will be launching another product soon. My hope is either a dedicated outdoor camera or a video doorbell.

If your looking make your home a little smarter, and don’t wish to spend a ton of money, check out Wyze. You will be shocked how good their products and support are.