It has been nice and crisp these past two days here in New England. I begin to think. Exactly 8 days from tomorrow, we will be officially into fall. Now technically this would be fine, but stores everywhere have been pumping out the fall goodies since middle of August.

Even though I was born in California, I have been a New England native all my life. I enjoy the changing seasons as it keeps life moving, but I absolute dread the winter in New England. Hate it with a passion. I would say Fall and early Summer are my top two seasons. Fall because of the change in temp. Gone are the days where the AC needs to be running 24/7 just to be comfortable on both my household and my wallet. Nothing beats having the window open at night, breathing in fresh air and getting that crisp 50 degree breeze come through. Having 4 kids, we have found Fall to be a pretty big outing for us. Whether we go to Lyman Orchards for apple picking or Fair Weather Acres for their fall harvest they have. If you never heard of this place, you must check it out. No seriously, its tons of fun.

Fall also includes many others such as Pumpkin everything. I do like to eat some pumpkin flavor treats, but I am not one of those who will gouge in pumpkin mania early before the season. Fall also includes Halloween. Since we have young kids, we keep the outside pretty mellow with decorations. Inside though we have plenty of decor that is both pleasant and creepy. Hey, don’t want to scare the little ones.

So today, we got the chance to take the family to our favorite apple picking place. Lyman Orchards in Middlefield. Our family loves apples as we eat them all year long. We go once a year in the fall and pick our favorites. Today we got Gala and Macintosh apples. Basically one we eat and one we use for baking. We also got over 40lbs of apples. Usually we get about 3lbs a week so hoping this lasts us a good while.

So as we say goodbye to Summer, it was fun while its lasted. Our family is ready to put on our flannel, pack up our a/cs and put them away and break out the fall & Halloween decor. Everyone enjoy your last 8 days of summer because Fall is right around the corner.