“Babe, have you see the pacifier?” is a question us dads know far too well. As a parent to a baby, a pacifier is the saving grace to countless cries that occur in the lifespan of a newborn. For those dads either expecting, or currently in a pacifier search dilemma, this post is for you.

How many times do you travel to the store and take a look at the many different pacifiers that are currently on the market. There are so many to choose from, so many different styles. Well look no further then this bad boy below.

If you know what this is, congratulations, you have chosen the right one for the job. For the rest of you, this is the Wubbanub and its amazing. I am recommending them over any other pacifier for one reason, THEY WORK! Wubbanub comes in a plenthra of animals to choose from and they are only around $13.99 for each one. How many times are you woken up at night to put in the nuk in your baby’s mouth? Nuks are small and can get lost in the crib easily, and you go through so many of them because they get lost in the baby abyss. Wubbanubs are soft, large and easy for our daughters to reach for the giraffe and put it back in her mouth all by herself. Yes she did end up throwing them around but 9/10 times, she was able to put this back in her mouth.

As they get older, we introduced the pacifier fairy who comes along and takes the pacifiers off and leaves behind the friendly animal which they can sleep with, almost like a buy one get one deal.

Some choices to be had, we have the brown puppy and the giraffe.

Overall, they work really well for sleeping and sitting up and are machine washable, not to mention the cuteness factor. So when your ready, head over to Amazon, and choose your Wubbanub.