As we all know, for most, the morning can be something of a hurricane of chaos if not done properly. If you have school aged kids, they thrive on the structure given in school, so why not implement some of that structure at home as well. Now that school has started, some of you have probably been struggling a little getting your kids back in the swing of things.

What is a good morning routine for kids? A good morning routine for kids starts by making sure everyone gets enough sleep, including the parents.

Bedtime routines may start with getting the kids, especially the younger ones into bed a bit earlier. Our bedtime hovers around at 7:30, do they fall asleep right away, no. Most times, unless they are exhausted from the day. Within 30 mins and after the “I needs”, I hear the dead silence mixed with some little snores.

Sleep is crucial for a successful day for both kids and adults. You may be surprised to see that your children aren’t getting nearly enough sleep as recommended for easier mornings. has listed a chart of how many hours your kids need here.

Preparing what you can the night before can also ease the burden of mornings

  • Prepare and pack lunches the night before so you can save time in the morning and focus on other tasks. This is a must and if you haven’t been doing this, I highly try it.
  • Choosing the outfit your kids will be wearing the next day is also helpful too so you don’t have to spend time looking for clothes as it will save you from the “I don’t have nothing to wear” complaints. I layout their outfits so when they are done eating in the morning, they know exactly what they are wearing for school. Obviously as they get older you can stem away from that part since we want to give them more independence.

Getting into a routine yourself will also help mornings run smoothly. Try to get up before your children wake up so you have time to shower, eat breakfast, get some caffeine, and start the day! You’ll feel more awake when it’s time to get the kids up, so you’re better prepared to tackle the day. For my kids, they usually get up before me. I personally get up and make sure they are eating breakfast. Sometimes they get their own and sometimes I will make it for them. Once they are all set, I will hop in the shower so not to be bothered by the “I needs” and have 5 minutes to myself.

What’s the first thing you grab in the morning before actually getting out of bed? Probably your cell phone to check for texts or calls. What happens, we get lost in the news and scrolling through TikTok videos. Then you realize 30 mins have passed and now you’re in the rush.

Children are similar. They will want to run to the tablet or TV first thing in the morning, but this is a no-no for a good morning routine. My kids are allowed to watch tv only when they are eating breakfast. Once they are done, they know it goes off and it’s time to get the rest of their routine done.

It’s easy for children to get trapped into a show while watching TV or playing a game which then they fall behind on their morning responsibilities. That means you’ll have to get them off the tablet or TV and get them ready, potentially causing everyone to run late not to mention meltdowns.

Time can sometimes move really fast in the morning to which you may miss doing something or forgetting as you are headed out the door. Another tip is to set a timer for certain things. If you say have to leave the house by 8:00 to get to your kids to the bus stop by 8:20, set a timer for 5 minutes before you have to leave. This will trigger your mind into finalizing what you are doing as you know you only have minutes left before you have to leave. My kids know, once that timer is up, we have to get everything ready to go.

I have incorporated a reward chart for my kids. What I like about this one I purchased is that there are pictures of their tasks they have to do for those who are not yet reading. I have two kids, so I got the two pack. It comes with 60 preset tasks, stars and is magnetic. There are also blank one’s tasks or you could write your own since it’s dry erase. Click here if you wish to check it out and buy these.